Our Story

Bikini Saturdays captures the essence of sun-drenched Bondi Beach, Australia and the carefree spirit of beach life through its collection of curated swimwear and resort wear. Inspired by the sea and breathtaking coastal vistas of Bondi, Bikini Saturdays embodies the sun-kissed days and endless summers that define this iconic destination. Our brand is built on a foundation of quality, style, and a commitment to sustainability, carefully curating a selection that brings the coastal lifestyle to your wardrobe. The Bikini Saturdays girl is all about fun, health, living life to the fullest, and being truly who they are. Each piece reflects the confidence, grace, and vibrant spirit of those who embrace the essence of beach life, designed for the adventurous soul who value authenticity and joy in every sun-soaked moment! Dive into the Bikini Saturdays lifestyle and elevate your beachwear collection, one premium bikini at a time, celebrating the freedom to express yourself while enjoying the beauty of the world around you.

Empowering You Through Swimwear!

We strive to make shopping for swimwear fun, easy and stress-free for every woman. Whether you're looking for a bikini, a simple one-piece or resort wear, our online store has something for everyone. We also offer convenient shipping, free returns, and excellent customer service - making Bikini Saturdays the perfect destination for all your summer swimwear needs.

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